lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Let's learn Japanese Language in Malta!

We're really happy to introduce to you our activity in Malta! If you're maltese and you're looking for serious programme to learn japanese in this beautiful sunny island you should join to our Association!

After more than 7 years of activity in Italy ASG in cooperation with EA Smart Links Consulting LTD is going to promote classes for japanese chinese and korean classes in Malta as well!

In the episode we post as follows you'll be able to consider the experiences of two of our local students but we've already three levels of japanese activated in our regular programme.

As no profit Centre, even if the schedule will follow high level's contents according with standards to pass Japanese Language Proficiency test and other international examinations for chinese and korea languages as well, the price is really really low! contact us for more info!

ASG Malta will be also a great opportunity for japanese students that are studying english in the island! we're going to offer internship programmes for international students from Japan - China - Korea as we've done in Italy and we can include cross cultural experiences and language exchange with our local members practicing english and oriental languages at the same time!

For our italian members we provide extra activities during summer camps in Malta where they can join not only english classes but also revise contents about japanese and mandarin languages if they're studying already such languages in Italy during curricular classes in high school or university.

We're waiting to seeing you join us in St Julians area in the center of the island in wonderful place for study and enjoy the young atmosphere of Malta

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